Kill Strain is a PS4 game about goals. Team goals and personal goals.

In order for a game to end, one of several outcomes must be reached. As a human, destroying either the opposing human OR the mutant base, will end the game. As a mutant, converting all human players OR destroying one of the human bases will terminate the game as well. By completing objectives and actively participating in actions that help a match come to a close, you'll gain points and put yourself in a more favorable position on the leaderboard.

Playing to the best of your ability while also working with your team -when it's in your best interest- will keep you at the top of the scoreboards. Knowing your way around the game, from the champions and the strain, to the map and capture points, is crucial. Below we've provided a variety of content to help you understand the world of Kill Strain. Check out the ins-and-outs of various components before you enter the strain!