More than a hundred years have passed since Earth has been attacked by the vicious IRIDION forces. The legend tells a single brave SHN Fighter Pilot found his way to destroy the evil IRIDION mainframe. After this glorious victory all remaining enemy ships disappeared from known space. So humans began to colonize the Planet Systems of the IRIDION home galaxy. Peace and freedom came back to mankind. The IRIDION menace was history... until now.

Within only one day, all communication with the human space outposts has been broken. Last calls made clear that the IRIDION empire is back and took over all colonized systems. Planet Earth is too far away for any help in time. Again only a single, but powerfully equipped spaceship is in reach to stop the IRIDION forces before they can go on to attack the last remaining planet of human beings Planet Earth.


  • Exciting 3d-environment.

  • Huge boss enemies.

  • Thrilling GAX soundtrack.

  • Internet highscore codes.

  • Tons of secrets.

  • 64Mbit ROM.