Inkslinger is a story-driven, Romancepunk tragedy with typing-game mechanics.

You are a professional letter- and speechwriter employed in Brassknee's Wordshop on Isle Shammer. It's your job to help formulate your clients' words in ways which they could not.

You'll write for occasions of celebration, causation and contemplation -- the power of your inkveins allowing you to consider a variety of different approaches for each letter's paragraphs.

One after the other, the eccentric inhabitants of Isle Shammer visit your desk at the Wordshop. You'll meet:

- Tetherheart, a mother whose son never gets back to her.

- Smoothie, a young cointaker for a fishmonger by the Waterbed. She needs a poem written for a boy she slapped for calling her a damp oyster.

- Kidsman, a pedagogue at The Inner Keep's Faculty of Fine Puerility, who's at your desk to have an interpretation written for a painting done by one of his 3-year-old students.

- And several others!

Sometimes... these client encounters stir up vivid daydreams.

You enter a trance in which a mysterious boy tells you about your past. A timeline slowly forms, telling you about the tragic events that led you to Isle Shammer.

But who is he? And who were you?