The game is set in a city at the beginning of the outbreak of the virus. Because the disaster comes so fast, there are a large number of residents in the city who have not evacuated before the government blockades the city. You will play a part in the period to survive in the city where there are survivors, marches and dead bodies everywhere on the street, and finally flee the city before the government orders the bombing.Game play can be biased towards strategy or shooting. All fortifications and manpower deployment will be designed and built by players. Players can go to battle in person or control their teammates to achieve the goal. In their spare time, they can build campfires, sleeping bags, etc. for storing materials, resting, and placing survivors. They can also supplement supplies through chicken farming
Game features:
1.collecting ´╝îIn the game, you can pick up a variety of materials, such as building materials, such as bricks, wood, which are used to build obstacles,
camps and so on, which can help to defend the enemy.

2. Strategy play, you can control your teammates and arrange their positions for defensive operations. All fortifications and manpower deployment in the
game will be designed and built by players

3. Build a camp. Besides fighting, the game also contains survival elements. You can farm and raise chickens or trade to obtain survival materials.

4.Tower defense, in addition to combat by yourself, you can also choose strategic tower defense.