"Witches tortured me in the past... now I have returned to seek revenge."

Not only there are witches and warlocks in the world, they blend into the human society and live with us. Are you one of them?【Game features】───────────────────────────────────────────▣
  • Cast a spell with your magic wand and fire energy shafts at the target. Try to hit the spinning target without hitting other shafts.
    Experience the erotic, magical and exciting story in the world of the Warlocks and Witches.

  • AVG + Casual Shooting Action game, fun and relieving.
    Fire energy shafts with your wand, taste the revenge yourself.

  • Memory Palace allows you to revisit the story of your revenge.

  • 200+ levels of challenges, can you defeat the strongest witches and make them pay with your shafts?

  • One-hand mouse control, you have an extra hand!
【Game Rules】─────────────────────────────────────────────▣
  • Simple gameplay
    jShoot the spinning target without touching exisiting magic shafts. You win by hitting the Witch’s weak spot multiple times.

  • How to shoot:
    Left click the mouse button to fire an energy shaft at the Witch’s weak spot.

  • Bonus:
    Everytime the Warlock (Player) defeats a sub level, the Warlock will gain a heart. If you hit an existing energy shaft and lost, the required number of shafts will reduce by one.

    Hint: Earn more life before advancing into more difficult levels!