Hero Index is a VR Power Suit Action game designed for Valve Index headset.BE THE SUPER HERO!
Wearing the hi-tech robotic armor H.E.R.O ( Humanoid Exo Robotic Outfit ) , you need to defeat enemy's battleship while protecting your own.

Take off from your own battleship, approach enemy's battleship from any angle you want.

Wipe out all enemies with your deadly arsenals.
INDEX LASER : Laser beam emitted from index finger

FIST CANNON : Rapid fire triggered by holding your fist
Your battleship and fighter squadrons are the most powerful weapons you have.
Hero Index delivers the superhero-like flying experience that everyone has dreamed of. Thanks to the innovative finger tracking of Index Controller, gesture-based fly and weapon control that was impossible with traditional motion controller becomes true for the first time.

As a game completely designed for Valve Index, Hero Index aggressively adopts finger gesture control without compromise.

Take the most iconic weapon, the index laser, as an example, for the first time in video game history, players can aim actually with their own index fingers and fire at will without pressing any button.FEATURES
Control your fly direction and speed preciously with hand and finger motion.
No button is involved.

Fire your weapon by open your hand, hold your fist, or point with your index finger.
Do the right gesture, the right weapon fired, weapon switching can't be more seamless.
Again, no button is involved.

Breathtaking epic space battle experience tailored for the unique control mechanics.