Simon Fournier woke up. He instantly realized something was amiss. That day was April 22, 2022 and he finally finished his exams! He was going home in a train with his childhood friend, Jasmine, and his roommate, Marco. However, when he woke up, he realized he was not in the train. He was somewhere else.

In the company of friends, strangers and foes, he has no choice but to play this dangerous game introduced as the Dating Game. It's not a joke; it's dangerous. If they failed, they would die. It is a merciless environment where tensions rise from seemingly nothing, where no one is safe. Any misstep could get you killed.

One question quickly became two, then five, then twenty. What is Smiley's real identity? Who really are the other participants? Is Smiley really among them? What is the purpose of the Dating Game?

And most importantly...

The full version contains the following:

  • A lengthy story where nothing is as it seems! Head AS Code is a surprising story with plenty of twists and turns to keep you on the edge of your seat for an average of 12 hours of game time.
  • The game remembers what you've done! Close to twenty endings based on your choices which are automatically saved every passing moment as part of the experience with real-time autosave feature.
  • An ever-expanding flowchart to help you reach the true ending! A flowchart allows you to jump at any point you've already been to for ease of access in your choice-making dilemmas. The game autosaves, but there's global, visible progress.
  • Enhanced interactivity over the original! Numerous Active Searches were added in this version, in which YOU decide the order in which events happen. Some are obligatory but most can also be skipped if you wish to disregard the additional exploration.
  • This is the first entry of the ABiMe franchise, but... you can play the second before this one too. To provide the full experience, be on the lookout for the Birth ME Code title!

Note: Only 16:9 resolution ratio is fully supported.