In the fantasy world of Guild Wars, players can engage in cooperative group combat, in single player adventures, or in large head-to-head guild battles. Guild Wars is a game that will constantly evolve, using streaming technology to provide players with the latest updates while they are online.

The game is mission-based, and while each combat experience will be different, achievements will be permanent, so that each character grows and progresses over time. Unique items, special abilities, and a wide variety of skills will add meaningful value for the players. Missions are not scripted adventures, but are tactical battlegrounds where victory or loss is determined by skill and teamwork.


  • Join in cooperative quests or unite in head-to-head guild battles.

  • Develop a unique character, who can explore multiple professions and choose from hundreds of unique skills.

  • Enjoy fully-integrated support for guilds, including worldwide tournaments and ladders, guild halls, special character identification and forums directly built into the game.

  • Experience a changing world, where the entire landscape can be altered as you explore and conquer.

  • Play in a secure server-hosted game environment that prevents cheating; ArenaNet's technology allows quick and seamless resolution of any possible exploits.