Gude! Jump n Run is a challenging but fair Plattformer Game.

Discover atmospheric and challenging levels and unlock abilities like climbing and walking on the ceiling.
Didn't you ever wonder how it would be to run, jump and climb like a cat?

Main Features:
- Precise and reactive controls
- Natural feeling physics
- Challenging but fair levels (only your skill matters)
- Light and shodaw mechanic creates a interesting atmosphere.
- Gloomy atmosphere reminding of 'Limbo'
- Singleplayer (I dont like people)
- Friendly and violence/gore free

What Gude! Jump n Run does not offer:
- No Puzzles to solve. It is a pure plattformer.
- No need for a story

Use Keyboard or touch controls:

Keyboard controls with W,A,S,D or arrow keys
Innovative Touch Control: "Perfection through simplicity"