In the former Soviet Union, a dangerous sect is depriving people of their own personality and turning them into obedient human robots, to misuse them for terroristic means. The European Union decides to put an end to these misdoings and briefs Cole Sullivan to make this mission a success. Not after long, Sullivan sees the truth behind it all. He discovers a story that is different from the version he was told by his superiors. A merciless war begins - and it's a matter of life or death.

Gorky Zero combines tactical combat with merciless action and offers the player a cinematic story with varying story lines

The unique, user-friendly interface offers an extremely simple start, even for genre-newbies

High enemy KI: enemies react to every sound and every change of the situation

The player fights in 3rd person perspective to aim and fire precisely. In the iso-perspective the player can intelligently carry out his plans

An extensive arsenal of weapons, explosives and special equipment such as radars, scanners or night-vision devices give the player an unbelievably large amount of possibilities to solve the missions

New rating system: At the end of every mission, the player can see how well he has done