For 70 years you drifted in a freeze-dried state in a damaged spaceship through the endless expanse of the universe. In the year 2112 a patrol picked you up by chance, and then you were thawed out, trained and promoted to frigate officer of the ISA. Your first assignment is the beginning of a bizarre space odyssey: a spy mission in the orbit of Jupiter. Unknown technologies, wormholes, space-time jumps, alien intelligence, a troubling past and a collapsed empire are all reason enough to buckle up tight and put the retro rockets engines to full throttle. Galaxy Andromeda, get ahead of the future!


  • Sci-fi RTS game
  • A mega-campaign with 10 episodes
  • More than 30 exciting missions
  • Spectacular real-time space battles with breathtaking motion picture quality
  • Newly developed 3D engine with fantastic special effects
  • Physically accurate flight models and flight patterns
  • More than 100 planets in 20 solar systems
  • 6 different alien species
  • Individually configurable and controllable spacecrafts: weapons, energy sources, propulsion systems, shields, formation and battle behavior as well as target adjustment for each weapon
  • Different colonies for management, research, development, industry and shipbuilding
  • More than 50 alien and human characters
  • More than 200 different weapons, developments and theories
  • 30 alien spaceships
  • Several multiplayer modes with thrilling scenarios