Near a mercenary stronghold in Crimea, a kingdom on the continent of Tellius, a mercenary named Ike rescues a woman he discovers to be the princess of Crimea. The neighboring Daein kingdom has invaded her homeland, and she must travel to Gallia, home to the half-man/half-beast laguz, demi-humans with the ability to transform into animals. War spreads across the continent as Ike and his swords-for-hire fight to protect the princess and confront headlong the racial tensions and prejudices that have torn a rift between humans and laguz. As they fight, they learn the true reason for the war as well as the mystery behind the very creation of their divided world.

All of Tellius is torn in a bloody war that has set the human empires against the nations of the shape-shifting laguz. A small band of mercenaries, led by the earnest but inexperienced Ike, possesses the means to end this war, but a hard path lies before them. Players must master strategy, steel and sorcery to restore order to the seven kingdoms.


  • The best-selling strategy series Fire Emblem takes on a new dimension. The stunning 3-D graphics put players right on the battlefield, pitting their soldiers

    against legions of enemies.

  • Customize fighters with new skills. Equip fighters with Stealth to guide them past guards undetected or give them Vantage and guarantee them the first strike in combat.

  • Bring peace to a land divided. Take familiar soldiers like Pegasus Knights to the air, or transform new laguz shape-shifters and unleash their ferocious claws on enemies. Plot moves carefully, because if soldiers fall in battle, they're gone forever.