Escape Velocity is a fast-paced, action-packed 2-4 player, space fight set in orbits across the Solar System. Fight against your friends or in teams and push others out of the orbit.

It is envisioned first and foremost as a couch party game but can be played online with Steam friends.Space ships
• equipped with 3 state-of-the-art T.E.C.H.s
• use impulse to shield yourself or repel anyone or anything that gets too close
• use thrust to speed up
• use reverse to switch the direction instantly
• collect Shards to get access to advanced T.E.C.H.Locations
• set across the Solar System
• each location features a twist of their own, whether obstacles or deadly traps
• defy gravity or embrace it
• environmental features such as wormholes and asteroidsFeatures
• game modes: timed mode, survival, deathmatch
• pick a space ship
• choose which advanced T.E.C.H.s are available in your game
• set wormhole and asteroid spawn rates