Released first on mobile, Electrodash is now available on PC!

Immerse yourself in the 90s through an electro sound atmosphere and an assumed neon style! Electrodash is a die & retry where you play as a cube that must reach the finish line by bouncing off walls strewn with obstacles. Additional objective: finish the level in as little bounce as possible. Be careful though, if your cube misses a platform or encounters a trap, it will be pulverized: back to the start!

  • Each world has a different atmosphere and game mechanics!
  • To challenge your friends and break records, play the infinite mode generated randomly every day!

Get coins by setting levels in an optimized way. These coins allow you to unlock new content:
  • 3 additional Worlds including 15 levels each with new challenges (traps, boost or teleporters).
  • The store also allows you to customize your cube with a wide choice of exclusive skins with reference to geek culture.

Apk file included (in "Other" directory)
Use mouse or Keyboard arrows to play.