There is no boss in this dungeon, only a lot of designed puzzles are left. Try your best to solve the puzzles designed by the boss!
  • Each level is preset with monsters, obstacles, and equipment.
  • The locked door will only open after killing all the monsters.
  • Pass through the unlocked door to clear the level.
  • The equipment will be reset when entering a new level.
Switch EquipmentEach equipment can use the corresponding "Action". And can switch equipment according to your purpose.
Sokoban-styleSometimes obstacles or monsters will block the player. If the level provides "Shield" or "Gloves" equipment, then you need to use "Push" or "Pull" action to change their position.

  • 150 hand-crafted levels.
  • Up to "4 types of equipment" and "5 types of actions".
  • Sokoban variant.
  • A dungeon without a boss.
  • Don't worry, monsters won't attack you.