In Ducktopia you can:

  • Shape the world just the way you want!
  • Build up a city, that will keep your ducks happy (or angry, who knows?)
  • Watch your unhappy ducks steal your duckeronies!
  • Name every duck and building to whatever you would like!
  • Help your ducks work at their preferable job and watch them walk around with worker outfits on.

Ducktopia is a game where you start out with an empty world. You are the creator, the artist, the mayor. You then lay out the ground, starting to create the world. With a Townhall placed you have started your very own city, that of course needs houses and workplaces to be able to flourish.
As your city grows bigger you'll reach milestones that unlocks new features and buildings to your city, which will help you grow the city big and self sustainable. While playing, you have to look out for the ducks happiness, and to maximize your production you'll have to make sure the right ducks work the proper places.
Name your buildings and ducks and zoom in to see them walk around with their small hats. Follow along as the ducks have conversations with each other. And take note of their traits and personalities.