A moody puzzle game within a subtle narrative that is itself a puzzle. A little non-linear. A lot experimental. It doesn't hold your hand, yet holds plenty of clues for the observant. Equal parts luck, logic, and trial and error. You decide where your next step will take you. It’s an open field.

Branching puzzle mechanics create freeform gameplay - each puzzle has multiple solutions that can change your path and alter the ending, giving you an experience that is uniquely your own.

Small warning: This game is designed to let you take an empty path, get no clues, and still finish. In a way, that’s the point.

If you want to really dig in, see what you missed, and understand how the game works, there's a New Game Plus mode that tracks your solutions and even unlocks time travel, so you can explore and experiment with new paths without needing to start over again. Solving it all would probably take scribbling notes and strategizing.