Scientific research is not unlike the work of a detective. Revealing hidden connections and subtle patterns has a lot in common with untangling the web of meanings, studying causes and predicting consequences. If one correctly combines blocks of data and determines their connectivity, one may eventually uncover the truth. But that truth and the explanation of everything that has happened may come as a shock to the one who finds it.

Dopamine is a first-person sci-fi puzzle game where the player must explore the labyrinth of riddles and investigate the apocalyptic event at the research facility following the experiments with the Higgs boson, or “the God particle”.

INVESTIGATE A MYSTERYIn order to advance the investigation you must explore the sci-fi surroundings and uncover clues — blocks of data that must be correctly combined and reconnected.

LEARN THE PRICE OF KNOWLEDGEWe do not claim that ignorance is bliss, but… you can’t play God and write it off as a joke afterwards. A game like that always leads to dire consequences.

TRUST YOUR INSIGHTA unique soundtrack will help you unleash your full investigative potential. Forget your doubts, and allow the sounds of music to guide you towards the truth.

  • Notes and puzzles
  • Interesting first-person story
  • Different locations
  • Amazing sound