• Introducing a new hero Skye and her sarcastic sidekick Draak.
  • Compelling Gameplay - A rich and involving storyline with open ended, non-linear Gameplay
  • Over 30 Levels - spanning 5 different worlds (Including Dungeon, Asian and Gargoyle),each level features at least 10 unique types of monsters on each level.
  • Spectacular Graphics - Darkened Skye has it's own unique 3D Engine, featuring over 2 hours of cut scenes, detailed and attractive environments including particle and lighting effects
  • Extensive range of moves - including Over 20 different Spells (True Sight, awaken Stone, diminish, prismatic pulse, fire walk, lightning, strengthen sap, cleanse evil and more !)
  • Outstanding Narration - Features the Voice of Linda Larkin, best known as Princess Jasmine from Disney's Aladdin Movies.