This is the FREE prologue for CRASH: Autodrive!

After a self-driving carpool's A.I. makes a fatal mistake, introverted college student Emily Knight and the other passengers are forced to investigate a potential homicide once they discover they each have a motive for murder! Play as Emily, get to know your fellow passengers and the car A.I. Investigate clues, confront lies, and discover who really killed Thomas Sinclair!Find the clues!Get to know your fellow passengers!Contradict their lies with the clues!Find out who killed Thomas Sinclair!Key Features
  • Find and use clues to piece together the mystery, contradict lies, and explore new conversations.
  • Compelling Sci-Fi murder mystery story with themes of gray morality and consciousness.
  • A diverse cast of charming and relatable characters.
  • Characters remember your choices and how you speak to them and respond accordingly.
  • 2-4 hour playtime for players with a busy schedule and too many games to play.