In Clouds of Rain - The storm is rising - you will play with many characters, each one with its own story.
You will explore various regions, prepare yourself to fight different enemies and navigate through the skies.

The story:
In the skies of a forgotten world, a decadent civilization will consume every resource,
including the Leviathans, huge creatures that fly over the skies since the first dawn of the sun.
They were once considered Gods but now they’re hunted for their spinal fluid.
Only the Sky Watchers fight for their salvation, but the number of Hunters is increasing day by day.
Time is running out: the storm is rising.

Clouds of Rain is a Role Playing Game with a significant story to follow, where exploration, resources management and fights are the core of the gameplay:

World exploration: travel between different regions, from cities to small villages, through countryside, islands, forests and swamps. Every corner hides hidden secrets, from useful resources to recovery items, equipment or magical techniques.

Combat preparation: study your enemies, discover their weaknesses and consequently prepare yourself for the battle. Position yourself strategically on the battlefield and equip the most effective weapon and armor.

Tactical combat: defeat your enemies on the battlefield with exclusive moves and spells for each character. Each enemy that you’ll encounter has weaknesses and strengths. It will be up to you to fight carefully and get the better of your opponents.

Navigation: navigate through the skies and currents with agile airships, but watch out for obstacles, the ship could be damaged! In that case you must dock on the various islands to look for suitable resources to repair your airship.

Stealth: use the environment to your advantage, with a little attention you can avoid many battles. It’s very useful for storing resources and objects.

Clouds of Rain offers three approach types:
Tactical: every battle requires the right preparation, resources are limited and reaching the end is a real challenge.
Story: ideal for those who want to focus on the story with easier battles.
Relax: allows you to complete the game by focusing exclusively on the story.

The team:
We are a small swiss team of three people and this is our first videogame. Enjoy!