Inspired by blazingly fast arcade racers and punishing platformers, you will crash fast, you will crash hard, and you will crash often. You'll be instantly thrown back into the action to apply what you've learned.

You'll be crashing across 100+ levels divided into 10+ worlds, each world introducing it's own unique hazards and challenges. Daily, weekly and monthly playlists keeps the challenge fresh as you compete for the top spot.

Save the 'Verse from THE CORRUPTION, a program gone rouge. It's only purpose is now the complete and total deletion of the 'Verse and all backup data. You'll discover the origin of the 'Verse, how the CORRUPTION came to be, and why it's hellbent on the complete and total destruction of not only itself but all of the 'Verse.

You'll interact with various program personalities as they help you on your mission to save their home. Some might only offer information, others may give you temporary power ups or even join you!