Join Buffy and all her friends in this new fighting game.

Buffy is on patrol in the cemeteries and in the woods to check on the demons and vampires... simple routine for the vampire slayer!

However this time she catches sight of two of the Gentlemen's henchmen.

Not only she has to deal with Adam, but she now has to look for some clue on what the Gentlemen are organising.

But nothing impossible for the slayer...


  • The whole universe from the TV program.

  • 16 levels of vampires, demons and monsters!

  • Buffy will be able to interact with her environment, e.g. knock enemies into benches, causing them to break.

  • Weapon Combo System: Players will be able to modify and augment the weapons picked up during the game by combining them with specific items collected during the game.

  • Puzzle solving elements in order to free captives who are to be used for sacrifices for the demon hordes.

  • All Buffy's friends will appear in-game and help her in her quest: Giles, Willow, Zander and Riley will give her the vital items.

  • Buffy's wardrobe: as the player progresses through the game they will receive new articles of clothing from Buffy's friends.