Brain off is a game of hide and seek and catch up on the net. Zombies hide and confuse the hunter and he tries to catch them.

*Plunge into the world of fun and glad emotions from escaping from under the nose of the hunter!

- picture- a nice view of the locations- slicing

- Play in different game locations on the net with random players or your friends! Visit the farm, sheriff's police station, the wild street, and many other places!

*Play for zombies and do not let catch you.

- picture- a zombie running through the crates

-Zombies' task is to hide behind the furniture and objects using their flexibility and also to confuse the hunter mixing up his control or making dirty the whole screen. Use the unique abilities of every zombie!

*Become a brave hunter and catch the cunning zombies.

- picture- the hunter shoots at running away zombies and bazookas.

-The hunter must catch all zombies to make peace and rest in the city again. He goes to work with different devices and equipment. Help poor inhabitants!

*Choose a favorite zombie for yourself.

- picture - a slice from zombie's torso close-up

- You can express yourself having chosen a favorite zombie for yourself. Each of them is unique and has its own style of game!

*Game features

- picture- zombies from different sides spit in the hunter.


+Play for the hunter or zombie on the different game locations. Each of them has plenty of places for hiding!

+Find easily where to hide thanks to zombies' flexibility and abilities.

+Catch zombies trapping them or take off on a jet pack over houses!

+Study locations and places where you could hide. We constantly renew and complete them!

+Play on the net with random players or together with your friends. The more people the merrier game is!

Wish you a good game and have a merry time!!!