Asheron's Call: Throne of Destiny is the second major expansion to the classic online massively multiplayer fantasy RPG Asheron's Call. Boasting a completely rebuilt graphics engine, the game is more immersive than ever before. The game's epic storyline pits players against the encroaching menace of the Viamontians, a new race bent on conquering all of Dereth. In their battle to defeat these would-be rulers, the people of Dereth will uncover new mysteries and experience new challenges. Asheron's Call: Throne of Destiny opens the portal to fantastic adventures for players of all levels.


  • Major graphics update

    The entire graphics engine has been updated, with thousands of new textures and improvements to key models.

  • Completely new user interface

    The UI has been totally rewritten to allow for cool new features in future updates.

  • New playable heritage group

  • The game introduces the Viamontians, a fully playable race bent on world domination.

  • New weapons & armor

    A full complement of weapons and armor will be available to players who choose to play as Viamontian characters.

  • Raising the level cap

    The level cap is being raised from 126 to 275 with the game now offering more rewarding play to the most dedicated players.

  • Augmentation Gems

    Players can acquire Augmentation Gems to enhance their abilities in amazing new ways, such as improving combat abilities or adding additional storage.

  • Special rare items!

    These rare items will range from interesting and useful tools to very powerful weapons and armor.

  • New lands

    Players who join this adventure can explore the Halaetan Islands and the city of Sanamar, launching point of new quests and adventures.

  • Dozens of new creatures and quests

    These fresh additions increase the already impressive depth and breadth of the world of Dereth.

  • Hundreds of new items

    With new items in nearly every category, players will be rewarded in ways never before possible.