In the game, players play the role of a vassal king who just succeeded to the throne in the spring and Autumn period.

Fully open the world, you can experience the life of princes and kings in it!

Main play method:

《1》 : internal affairs.

Players need to gather talents and build their own cabinet team at the beginning.

The official system in the game is completely consistent with the history books. It consists of taizai, Zongbo, Sikou, Sikong, situ and Sima. As Liuqing, he interacts with players and governs the country!

There are six Qing subordinate low-level officials, their respective functions to assist players to govern the country!

《2》 : harem.

Players can read books and practice martial arts in the harem to improve themselves.

You can also take a wife and concubine and have children. Cultivate their own generation to inherit the player's throne, or cultivate strong generals. If there are too many children, it may lead to a battle for reserve.

Three thousand door guests is the most popular thing in the spring and Autumn period. The player can also accept the door guest, let the door guest do all kinds of things for the player, for example: Zhuanzhu, yurang, Jingke^_^

The killing system will be an unprecedented experience!

《3》 : the world.

The world uses a hexagonal grid, and the map is large.

Different from the traditional plane map, the whole map is a curved surface. On the same slope, the up and down speeds are different.

The traditional game is, there's a mountain that can't pass, there's a cliff that can't pass, there's a river that can't pass.

The game is, there is a mountain here, let's go over it. There's a cliff here. We can build a plank road to get through.

There is a river here. We can choose to build pontoons, swim and take boats. More freedom and close to reality.

《4》 : War.

The army uses the words "Fenglin volcano" to express the current state of the army. For example, if the army is ordered to move quickly, it will become a "wind" state.

The combat mode is the world round system of hexagonal grid. Players have enough time to think about the arrangement of troops.

The factors that affect the outcome of the war are: the state of the army, the terrain, the generals, the tactics, the morale, the military provisions, the weather and so on.

The mechanism of the influence of the specific war is complex. Players can enter the game and experience it slowly.

《5》 A trick.

Just like history, the stratagem of a counselor is an important part of the whole country's fortune.

Players can set up their own think tank, so that the wisdom of the superior counselors for your advice, influence the country's fortune or the outcome of the war!