Alien Fear puts the player in the role of a highly trained elite commando on a mission of sabotage. Featuring non-stop, visceral run-and-gun action in an explosive environment with meaningful co-operative gameplay and using proven Unreal 3 technology, Alien Fear sets a new standard for digitally distributed XBLA and PSN titles.


  • Strong thru-the-gun experience - impressive visual effects, satisfying physical impacts and great gun animations make gun play a whole damned lot of fun;

  • Fast-paced, close quarters combat - the action moves fast, enemies are always advancing, and you never, ever have to look back;

  • Solve all your problems with a gun - don't look for keycards, don't push on buttons, just point your gun and pull the trigger, demolishing the environment as you go;

  • A veritable arsenal of weapons - nine unique guns that don't just differ in looks, but have different effects, abilities and functionality.


  • Co-operative environmental puzzles -challenges that require team work to alter the physical environment in order to proceed or complete objectives;

  • Impactful choices and rewards - compete cooperatively to gain a better individual score, but beware, you will lose points if you let your teammate fail;

  • Co-op centric mechanics - work together to breach open doors, gain access to areas that are otherwise unreachable, and provide medical support when your teammate is down.


  • Good things can come in small packages - the game is designed to fit within the size limitations of XBLA and PSN while maintaining the quality of a full-scale high quality title, made possible by the use of Unreal Engine 3;

  • An immersive sci-fi experience - visually stunning, large-scale environments with impressive long-range vistas and expressionistic lighting.