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A student who experienced the development of "Quiet Mansion 2" for Nintendo Switch
Developing a new horror game to realize further fear

Hot topic at the open beta test stage!
The FPS horror game developed by a Japanese student alone is finally here on Steam!
Experience this fear

Unlike the previous work, there are no weapons that can be used
You can always play games with tension

When asked by an old friend, it's deep in the forest
The main character who was supposed to clean the villa
However, no friends appeared at the promised time
The protagonist goes deep in the forest
What I saw there...

■Evolving horror game
Accident House is developed on the assumption that it will evolve
Even one of the opinions can change the fundamental part of the game.

■Game for developers to try what they want to try
Introducing the latest technology including the original security system
You can "try what a developer came up with immediately"

■ A dark eerie abandoned house
An abandoned house where an eerie sound echoes and someone hides
However, if you turn on the light, it will be found by the enemy

■A sudden hallucination
A virus-infected hero can be shown a monster's hallucinations
If you're careless, the game is over in an instant

■ The truth about the Quiet Mansion series is revealed
The truth of large-scale bioterrorism that was not revealed in past works will be revealed
Watch the ending of this story!