A Shadow's Tale brings a puzzle platforming adventure wreathed in the penumbra to Wii.

The tower is a mystery to all: the reason for its construction unknown, its maker an enigma. It stands defiantly, an austere pinnacle grasping to the firmament, casting a terrible swathe of darkness across the land below. To those who would look closely it appears that the tower is full of whirling, coalescing shades of darkness, that the mysterious stone spire is gravid with shadows - and the ripples of gloom within move upwards.

The shadow of a boy, cruelly severed from his owner, ventures forth into the tower. His unwavering aim: to reach its summit. This shadow boy will seek the answers to the questions that others would not ask, to take back what was his.

Limited by his form, he cannot touch or affect anything real, nor can he step too far into either true darkness or bright light, lest he should disappear entirely. He may only walk upon shadows or follow paths made from them. Alone, his task would be impossible, but he is not alone.

A creature of light (a sylph called a Spangle) will accompany the boy in his quest. The sylph can touch and move objects in the real world, including the source of light that shines out across each level of the tower. Moving the position of the light source causes the shadows of objects to stretch longer, shrink smaller, or be cast at a different angle; creating new shadow topography for the boy to traverse.

Moving up the tower isn't simply a matter of climbing a path to the top: each floor poses challenges to brain and brawn which may only be overcome by combining actions in the real world and the shadow realm. Malevolent entities made from darkness stalk the gloom, attacking any who would ascend, and confronting them in combat is the only remedy. Every floor has an exit gate which must be unlocked before boy and sylph may progress upwards; key items throughout each tower level must be collected to unlock this gate and riddling out a path to each item will be no easy task. The shadow boy's journey to reach the top of the tower will require courage, ingenuity and a keen mind for the many challenges that await in those tenebrous, stone halls.


  • Meet creatures of darkness in combat and walk the border between light and dark in A Shadow's Tale for Wii.

  • Take control of boy and sylph to affect the shadow realm and the real world in this puzzle platform adventure.

  • Move objects and manipulate the position of the light source to cast new shadows and create pathways for the shadow boy to negotiate.

  • Reach and collect key items on each level to unlock the exit gate and ascend to the next floor.