7Million is different

Players take the role of a clever gentleman thief executing spectacular heists. 7Million has no violence and combat to speak of, nor thousands of skills, tables and repetitive monsters. Instead it is all about the player, not some abstract character class. Success comes with speed and dexterity, resourceful tactics and clever planning.

7Million is accessible

7Million should be one thing first and foremost: fun. No grinding, no complicated skill lists and rules - simply start playing and enjoy. The world of 7Million is familiar to anyone who has ever seen caper films or read a crime novel. Everything in the game should be easy to grasp and immediately fun for the player.

7Million is unusual

The game offers a number of new game mechanics and content and a fresh setting within the MMOG genre. Every action in the game is resolved by playing one of several various mini games - from cracking a safe to dueling another player. 7Million offers a world that looks beyond levels to things like reputation, coolness, leadership or popularity, defining the player as much as the character.

7Million is variable

Be it top-secret spy missions, a search for a missing person or the spectacular heist which brings the world's most valuable diamond into the character's hands, Paradise City offers a wealth of opportunities for players. But there is more: Duels with other characters, regular tournaments and specially designed social quests guarantee that there is always enough to do for any player type.

7Million is entertaining

The game takes a light-hearted approach to the genre, occasionally poking fun at genre stereotypes. And even people who normally cannot afford the time to play an MMOG will find the opportunity to play - many missions can be played in sessions of below 15 minutes alone or with a friend - even just dropping in for a quick session can be rewarding.

7Million is free to play

The game can be played for free even to the highest levels. Players may buy tools, accessories and clothes to help them succeed in their endeavors or just allow them to create their own individual attire. True enthusiasts may want to join the VIP Club for a monthly fee, which allows them to enjoy some special perks.

7Million is social gaming

In 7Million community means more than just a chat window - it is part of the game experience. The specially designed social quests are missions that can only be solved by interacting with other characters. Furthermore there are attributes which will be determined as much by a player's actions as by what other players think of him or her. And of course players may band together to form gangs and help each other master the challenges of Paradise City.