-SPROUT-, a Celeste-like speedrunning platformer.

After a mysterious portal opens, the ancient gems holding life itself in balance vanish.
With your home in ruins and the portal quickly fading, your only choice is to dive into the unknown and get them back.

Run, jump and dash your way through 100 levels across five unique areas, and restore your realm to its former glory.

  • Snappy, speedrun-friendly gameplay
  • 5 Areas with unique mechanics
  • Online Leaderboards
  • Original Soundtrack
  • 20+ Achievements
  • 40+ Hidden Collectibles
  • PS4/XBOX/Steam Full Controller Support

After placing high in the last GM48 with the theme "Small World", and with some additional time on my hands, I was inspired to turn this little jam game into a full release.

Short development logs will be posted on this page occasionally, we hope you all enjoy the game :)