HomeLAN chats with Sony Online's vice-president chief operating officer John Smedley to find out about their current and upcoming projects:

    "We then asked Smedley about the current status of Everquest Online Adventures, the PS2 MMORPG. While there have been reports of poor sales of the title and the game itself is now being given away when a person buys the PS2 network adaptor, Smedley said, "I thnk it has been pretty nice because we've been able to push a new market. One of the things we have seen from this is when we launched (the original PC Everquest) after about two months we had about 65,000 subscribers and it funny, after two months of this (Everquest Online Adventures) we have about 50,000 subscribers, so we are seeing the growth. It's pretty strong considering that the marketplace is only 400,000 to 500,000 large given the network adaptor. One thing that we have seen a difference between the PC and the Playstation 2 is that people are not used to paying anything on the Playstation 2 to we are having to change their mindset on that, and it's working, We are seeing that progress"."