GameSpy catches up with Infinity Ward on a California shooting range to find out how the realistic sounds are created for war games. The article also goes into a bit more depth about Infinity Ward's upcoming WWII FPS:

    "The outdoor recording sessions actually took place over a few days, with basic weapons sounds (reloading, magazine ejects, etc.) being recorded on the first day. We joined the team on their second day, and while things were being setup, we had a chance to talk with the game's producers and designers to get the basics behind Call of Duty.

    "We want to show that no one man was a superhero," says Senior Producer Thaine Lyman. "The people that won the war were average soldiers, unsung heroes. They came in, and they did what they had to do. That's the whole point of the 'call of duty'. History doesn't remember these people as superheroes, but without them the war was not winnable.""