HomeLAN chats with Daron Shrode of Global Gaming Innovations as he talks about Urban Dominion, their upcoming Quake II engine powered massively multiplayer first person shooter. Here is a snip:

    HomeLAN - The game's web site seems to indicate some kind of mod making support. Can you be more specific on this?

    Daron Shrode - Since the Quake II engine is open source, the Urban Dominion engine will be open source. Mod makers can download the source code for the engine and make modifications if they want. However, for the game to be playable in a massive multiplayer environment, it will need to be integrated with our PDMS technology. Mod makers will need to submit their mods to us so we can integrate them with our technology. The mods that are integrated with the PDMS will then be available for play by anyone with an account. And a plus for mod makers: if your mod is chosen for implementation, the lead developer will receive a free account for as long as the mod is supported!