Devolver Digital have announced that Cricket Through the Ages, the absolutely normal take on the sport from Terra Nil and Broforce developer Free Lives is coming to Nintendo Switch and PC on March 1.

My understanding of Cricket is quite limited. I've even consulted friends and family about the rules, but to no avail. Here's my interpretation, inspired by "Life, the Universe and Everything": One player hurls a ball towards a wooden block atop three short poles. Another wields a flat cudgel in defense, aiming to thwart the ball from dislodging the block. Yet, amidst this exchange, a cluster of other players stands by, their roles eluding my comprehension.
That’s basically it.

Fortunately, understanding the intricacies of Cricket Through the Ages doesn't appear necessary. This game commemorates the sport's rich history and seems poised to offer an immersive educational experience. It resembles the sort of whimsical physics-based games known for their intentionally challenging controls. Participants seem to hurl objects at each other, with one scene reminiscent of the sport itself, albeit with a beach ball in play.

Cricket: Through the Ages is coming to PC and Nintendo Switch on March 1, 2024.