After a whole year since the Splatoon 3 Expansion Pass became available, we’re finally getting new content to enjoy. Mark February 22 on your calendars everyone as that’s when we will be able to lay our hands on the Side Order Campaign.

Nintty did a great job when it comes to the presentation of the new content and the trailer (that you can watch below) gives us a good glimpse of the Side Order gameplay. We can see all the details that the campaign entails and they all look…very promising indeed.

Inkopolis Square, the central hub of Splatoon 2, suffers a distressing coral bleaching that has drained all the vibrant colors from the landscape. Teaming up with Pearl in her drone form, you take control of Agent 8 and your only task is to scale the imposing Spire of Order to address this devastating issue.

As you ascend the spire, navigating floor by floor, you’ll be gathering color chips that enhance your capabilities. Your objective is to climb as high as possible before time runs out. You’ll be earning points (pearls) based on the collected chips, which you can utilize to empower Agent 8 with enhancements.

Splatoon 3 is available on Nintendo Switch. The Expansion Pass is already available, but the Side Order campaign is going live on February 22, 2024.