Super Rare Originals have announced that they are bringing Bynine Studio’s Cavern of Dreams to Nintendo Switch on February 29, 2024.

Cavern of Dreams was released on PC on October 19, 2023. The game embodies the nostalgic essence of N64-era collectathon platformers, a genre that wholeheartedly embraced self-deprecation before fading away. To authentically capture this vibe, the game adopts a low-poly art style, featuring blurry textures and quirky lighting that was a trademark of the N64.

Along with the announcement of the Switch version, Super Rare Originals released an accolades trailer, showing off brief, out-of-context quotes by others in the gaming press. Sadly, though, we don’t know whether the Nintendo Switch Online N64 controller is supported.

Cavern of Dreams is available on PC and it is coming to Nintendo Switch on February 29, 2024.