Hooded Horse and Eremite Games have revealed their plans for the 2023’s survival town builder, Against the Storm. It will include two free updates to further polish the game and DLC with additional content.

The game puts you in a fight against the unforgiving elements of a world in turmoil and the formidable impatience of a mighty monarch. Armed solely with your finely-tuned urban planning prowess, you have no other choice but to overcome all these challenges.

The roadmap unveils only the contents of the initial patch (1.2), which primarily focuses on aesthetic and quality-of-life improvements. Patch 1.3 remains unconfirmed at this point. Looking ahead, the development team plans to introduce a DLC expansion, presumably requiring payment. Although the specifics of the DLC are still under deliberation, indications suggest it will introduce additional playable species, a new biome, along with fresh buildings, events, perks, and directives.

In mid-January, a 1.1 patch was released, featuring new decorations and portraits. Now, coinciding with the announcement, patch 1.16 has been rolled out, exclusively addressing bug fixes.

If you’ve never played Against the Storm previously, I highly encourage you to do so. Now is the right moment.

Against the Storm is available now on PC.