The latest State of Play gave us more insight into what we can expect from Rise of the Ronin once it launches, and as you probably know, this is one of PlayStation’s next big games.

Traversal is very dynamic and is a great addition to running. By combining the two of them, you can even glide and ride your trusty hose. And if you’re not here to enjoy the countryside, the good news is that the odds are high that you will enjoy the dynamic combat the game has to offer. We even have blades and a flamethrower.

The plot takes place during the late 19th century and it focuses on the Boshin War. You’ll be able to create and modify your character as well as engage in combat with different weapons. The whole premise is very intriguing but I truly hope this won’t end up looking like another Assassin’s Creed set in Japan. Time will tell.

Rise of the Ronin is coming to PS5 on March 22.