Square Enix have just released a patch for the PC versions of the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster games. Patch 1.10 includes the option to switch between classic and remastered soundtracks and classic pixelated and modern fonts.

All these features already exist in the console versions of these games and why it took them so long to become a part of the PC version is a mystery, but it’s nice to see them here anyway.

The fonts, faced criticism from many players who delved into the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster games upon their PC release in 2021. This critique is understandable. Pixel art is a deliberate stylistic choice, and introducing elements that deviate from this style can disrupt the visual harmony. While conflicting art styles can sometimes yield unsettling or whimsical aesthetics, that wasn't the intended outcome here—it simply resulted in an unappealing look.

In addition to addressing these issues, the Pixel Remaster offer a whole range of quality-of-life improvements. These improvements come in the form of different "assistance" options, allowing players to fine-tune game speed and difficulty to suit different preferences. The user interface has also undergone refinements, such as the convenience of accessing the bestiary without the need to navigate back to the main menu.

The Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters are available on consoles and PC. The 1.1.0 patch is now live on PC.