Ultrawings 2 somehow ended up on the PlayStation store even before the developers knew that would happen.

Not an ideal position, but the game has been performing well nonetheless. It may not have the best graphics but it doesn’t try to impress in this regard either. Rather than that, it tries to impress with its stomach-dropping sense of flight.

Bit Planet Games, the developer of Ultrawings 2, is cautious not to attribute the event to Sony's fault at this point. The studio tweeted: "We want to stress that we don’t know what happened. It might have been something we did or didn’t do properly. We simply don’t know!"

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the day-one patch won't be released as originally planned, so you’ll have to wait for the "day one-ish" patch. Even without the patch, though, the game features 6 planes, over 300 missions for earning gold medals, a complete campaign, and support for DualSense and HOTAS.

The unexpected launch could be seen as a fortuitous occurrence, garnering more attention for the game than it might have gotten initially. If you're looking to take to the skies with VR2, Ultrawings 2 offers a worthwhile experience.