Inin Games and NatsumeAtari have released a new trailer of Tengo Project’s upcoming remake, Shadow of the Ninja – Reborn, showing the new game side-by-side with the 1990 original.

Tengo Project has taken on the challenge of remaking Natsume's classic game, Shadow of the Ninja, which stands as the oldest in their repertoire. The remake strikes a balance between enhancing the nostalgic charm of the NES original and introducing brand-new elements. Unlike the straightforward improvements seen in Wild Guns: Reloaded or the creation of entirely new entries like Pocky & Rocky Reshrined, the folks from Tengo Project found a comfortable middle ground. The revamped levels retain the essence of the original, but they've also undergone a comprehensive makeover with the introduction of new abilities and a strategic repositioning of enemies.

It looks quite epic and it makes the 8-bit original look remarkably sparse when placed side by side with the remake. While the original was considered visually decent for its time, the NES imposed severe limitations on how much could be displayed on the screen simultaneously nonetheless. Tengo Project's mastery in pixel art, demonstrated in their previous games, is once again showcased in this remake, adding a touch of modernity to a nostalgic classic.

The upgraded soundtrack is done by the original composer, Iku Mizutani once more. Huge kudos for that as well.

Shadow of the Ninja – Reborn is coming to Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC in Summer 2024.