Xenoblade Chronicles 3 got a new patch a couple of days ago and it brought us a duo of the primary protagonists, Noah and Mio in the amiibo form.

Certainly, it's been close to two years since the release of that game, but the Future Redeemed DLC in 2023 has played a significant role in keeping everything fresh. Not to mention the amiibo drop that we’ve just got. These two amiibo figures come with special outfits that can be instantly unlocked by just scanning the figures. There are many guides online on how to do this, just use Google.

It's worth noting that obtaining the amiibo outfits through alternative methods can be challenging unless you happen to have an endgame save file stored somewhere. The requirements vary, ranging from defeating a formidable boss (Seraphic Ceratinia) to spending several hundred Nopon Coins at the Nopon Coin X-change located at the Sage’s Domicile so keep that in mind.

You can see the full patch notes here.