As a part of the ESO 2024 Global Reveal livestream, Zenimax Online gave us a glimpse of the upcoming Elder Scrolls Online expansion, GoldRoad and it looks quite amazing.

The new expansion is set in the Colovian Highland and West Weald regions of Cyrodiil, located just east of the Gold Coast and last featured in The Elder Scrolls Oblivion. Among the notable locations is the city of Skingrad, previously hinted at in the Greymoor Expansion. As revealed in the post-trailer discussion, the expansion fills in a substantial area to the west of the PVP region of Cyrodiil.

Forgotten Prince Ithelia, the Daedric Prince of Paths, is the main antagonist of Gold Road.. This deity possesses the extraordinary ability to manipulate fate and destiny, prompting Hermaeus Mora to erase the Prince from his existence. While a mere mention in ESO hinted at their forthcoming appearance, it is now clear that Zenimax is working with schemes coming from a new Daedric Prince and I can’t wait to see what it will turn into.

The upcoming Chapter will introduce Scribing, a reimagination of spell crafting from the core series. Spellcrafting was initially envisioned for ESO's release but was set aside, presumably due to the challenges associated with balancing it. Many players are anticipated to welcome its arrival in some capacity, although it appears to function more as skill customization. Access to this system requires ownership of the Gold Road chapter.

Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Road is coming to PC on June 3, 2024, as well as Xbox Series X|S and PS5 on June 18.