The multiplayer FPS The Finals is still getting regular content, this time in the form of a new update and a new gameplay mode.

The new update comes with a plethora of offerings, including a limited-time game mode for the first time. The mode is called Solo Bank It and it is a 12-player PvP challenge where your objective is to secure a total of 40,000 Cash wins. Quite a challenge, I must say.

This game mode comes along with the release of update 1.5.0, introducing a bunch of improvements to streamline the player experience. Most importantly, a crucial security update has been implemented to bolster anti-cheat measures and ensure fair play. It's crucial to acknowledge that the game's compatibility with the Steam Deck is restricted due to the presence of Easy Anti-Cheat.

The update encompasses a store revamp, balance changes, and plenty of bug fixes, all of which are highlighted in the accompanying trailer.

The Finals made an explosive debut during The Game Awards, and according to SteamDB, it maintains popularity with an all-time peak of 242,619 concurrent players in December 2023.