Even though it has quite a lot of years under its belt at this point, Minecraft still kicks ass, frankly speaking. With the recent release of the Planet Earth III DLC, things are ought to look even better for the iconic sandbox giant.

The DLC is inspired by the BBC documentary of the same name and it takes to a world where we can interact with nature itself. But it’s not just about animals, you can see what else is included in this recent post on the official website.

For instance, you can take part in various different scenarios. You have the option to become a fur seal navigating to avoid predators or you can take on the role of a predatory shark targeting blubbery pinnipeds. Alternatively, you may find yourself transformed into a musk ox or arctic wolf, experiencing the Canadian tundra in spring for that matter.

It’s quite amazing how far Minecraft has come after its rather humble beginnings. With Minecraft movie on the way as well, I don’t see the popularity of the IP waning any time soon.

The Planet Earth III content is available now for free for Minecraft: Education Edition and on the marketplace for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition.