Half-Life 2 is turning 20 this year and it’s still one of the greatest first-person shooters ever made. The 2004 game still holds up visually, but a team of modders has been working hard to give the iconic classic a brand-new makeover.

CES 2024 saw the Half-Life 2 RTX Remix project dropping a new trailer, showing off all the work that’s been done in the Nvidia-powered graphical improvement.

The mod looks truly amazing indeed. We can see a striking contrast between the original game and the RTX remix. The footage shows off breathtaking effects of ray tracing, impressive image upscaling capabilities of DLSS 3.5, and the remastered assets that contribute to an overall visually stunning experience.

Ravenholm stands out as one of the most infamous sections in Half-Life 2. Serving as a significant narrative shift, this portion of the story transforms the game into a chilling horror experience set within the confines of an abandoned mining town. It introduces us to Father Grigori and provides a firsthand look at the formidable capabilities of the gravity gun, especially when coupled with a rusty saw blade.

We don’t know when the RTX project may launch just yet but according to Nvidia’s website, the open beta will open on January 22. Meanwhile, you can take a closer look at the trailer below: