Behavior Interactive is keeping the Dead by Daylight crossover flow going with DLC based on 2024’s critically acclaimed title, Alan Wake 2. What a combo to experience!

Released in 2016, Dead by Daylight has continually expanded its crossover offerings, delving into diverse content collaborations. With the recent introduction of a survivor DLC featuring none other than Nicholas Cage, , it seems the game is exploring unconventional avenues. One may wonder whether future additions will include unrelated celebrities such as Orson Welles or Columbo.

However, the current addition of Alan Wake is a fitting choice. The tormented writer is well-versed in the realm of horror and he frequently finds himself in distress when not at his typewriter. The trailer shows how he becomes entangled in the sinister landscape of Dead by Daylight, and it all unfolds through his writing—where living and dying are dictated by the pen. So sweet.

In case you’re not familiar, Dead by Daylight is as an asymmetrical multiplayer game where up to four players take on the roles of survivors striving to escape, while a single player grabs the mantle of a relentless slasher aiming to hunt them down. The game has notably ventured into the crossover territory with well-known properties such as Alien, Silent Hill, and A Nightmare on Elm Street in the past.

Alan Wake will be available on Dead by Daylight’s Public Test Build starting today, on January 10 at 11 AM EST. He will then be released for purchase on January 30.