Pocketpair have announced the date for the Early Access release of their upcoming title, Palworld. This…Pokemon game with guns (sort of) is thus coming to Early Access on January 19. We’ve also got a new trailer to gawk at in the meantime.

Palworld presents an expansive crafting survival experience, showing off creatures that look very similar to the lovable creatures we know from Nintendo's Pokémon series. The unique twist lies in the method of interaction, as opposed to befriending these creatures as we’ve used to in the iconic series You’ll be relying on an arsenal of firepower to subdue them as well as base construction is to provide a suitable environment for your companions to east and rest.

The trailer also shows off individuals, akin to trainers, who wield…what seems to be, legally distinct Pokeballs. The game allows for up to 32 players and the plans for PVP battles are currently in the pipeline, although they will not be available in the initial Early Access release.

Palworld is coming to Early Access on January 19, 2024.