Envision Entertainment have revealed that their medieval-fantasy city builder Pioneers of Pagoniia is coming to Early Access on December 13. To mark this special occasion, the studio dropped a free demo that you can pick up on Steam right now. The demo is available in many different languages including German, English, Spanish, French, and Polish. and it gives you the opportunity to build a prosperous medieval community of thousands of inhabitants.

Pioneers of Pagonia can be considered a spiritual successor to The Settlers, especially given the fact that Volker Wertich, Creative Director of Pioners of Pagonia, is the creator of the original The Settlers game. As Wertich states, people will be able to play three maps in the demo:

“The entire team is extremely happy that the first alpha test was so positively received by the community. Many spent dozens of hours on the three maps, enjoying the atmosphere and experimenting with their settlements, even though the content was only meant for three to four hours. On behalf of the entire team, I would like to thank our great community for its constructive feedback, which we have evaluated in detail and is already having an impact on further development. We were able to implement some suggestions directly into the current demo build, while other ideas will be integrated during Early Access.”

Not all features are available in the demo. Features like extended hotkeys, neutral factions, various enemy types, procedural map creation, and trade with other factions are all planned for Early Access and they’re not a part of the demo, but nonetheless, you can still get a good overview of what is to be expected from the full game.

Pioneers of Pagonia is coming to Early Access on PC via Steam on December 13. You can check out the trailer below: